Offset Spot Colour and Full Colour Printing

Spot Colour Offset Printing

Spot colours refer to specific colours of ink that are acheived by mixing the ink itself rather than the combination of colour separations on the page itself. This is done in order maintain colour consistency. The most common framework used to acheive this consistency is called the Pantone® Matching System, or PMS.

PMS enables printers to mix standardized inks using carefully formulated ink mixtures to acheive accurate reproduction of specific individual colours. This system also enables printing of colours that would otherwise be impossible to produce with full colour printing, such as bright colours and metalic tones.

Logos and other specific brand colours can be printed to good effect on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, report covers, and other colour critical applications.

Another benefit of spot colour printing is for economical printing of large quantities of items that one or more specific colours, often combined with black, that would be cost prohibitive to print in full colour. One example is forms, both single sheet and multipart carbonless forms, as well as any of the items listed above.

Full Colour Printing

In addition to spot colour offset printing, we also offer full colour CMYK printing, with options that include both offset printing and laser printing. Get in touch and we’ll find the best option for your project and budget.

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