Binding for Books, Magazines & More

Denman Print Works offers a number of binding options to fill virtually any application.

Perfect binding uses glue to hold pages together. The finshed product is a soft-cover paperback book. The binding is permanent and secure. Perfect binding is perfect for novels, reference books, photo books, biographies, yearbooks, and innumerable other types of books. Covers can be custom printed in full colour and can even be embellished with foil accents and laminated in matte or gloss

Plastic coil binding is one of the most popular binding options available. This versatile binding technique uses a continuous plastic coil to enable pages to be folded all the way back while still being flat. This makes plastic coil binding perfect for applications such as cookbooks, school lesson books, product manuals, calendars, note pads, and any other uses that require a durable, flexible, and permanent binding.

Twin-loop wire, or wire-o, binding is an elegant, professional looking presentation. Excellent for business proposals, marketing materials, financial reports, and other situations in which a high-end appearance is desired. Like plastic coil binding, the pages can be folded all the way back.

Cerlox (comb) binding uses curled plastic strips that are fed through rectangular holes. This method of binding is useful for applications in which pages might need to be added, replaced, or removed. Cerlox binding works well for business reports, school essays, and product manuals that must be updated from time to time.

Saddle Stitching is a great option for magazines, workbooks, colouring books, and any other materials that require a fast, efficient binding method. The pages are folded and stapled in two or three places.

Pages can be drilled to fit into ring binders. Ring binders are great for employee manuals, instructional materials, reference pages, personal planners, etc.

Notesheets, carbonless forms, tickets, and other items can be padded with glue or made into stapled booklets, with or without a cover.

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