B&W + Colour Photocopying & Scanning

If you’re starting out with printed pages and need more of the same, Denman Print works provides photocopying services in colour as well as black and white. We offer a number of options including enlargment, reduction, compositing, as well as the option to output copies onto stapled sets, booklets, or on three hole paper.

When you don’t need paper copies, just a digital file for archiving or for later reproduction, we also have you covered. We offer straight scanning, which records a record of your documents for informational purposes or we can make adjustments and/or repairs to scanned documents, photos, books, schematics, etc.

Once the scans are complete, we can provide them to you in a number of ways, including physical media such as CDs, DVDs, and/or USB flash drives. We are also able to send a download link.

High Speed Digital Printing

When black and white printing is what you need, Denman Print Works has you covered. Our high speed black and white digital presses are able to output high quality greyscale prints quickly and affordably.

We are able to offer inline hole punching, stapling, and booklet making, which saves time and steps compared to performing these steps separately.

In addition to printing, we can take files in different sizes and formats and combine and/or modify them to print on standard paper sizes. We can even take your hard copy pages, scan them, and combine them with your digital files (e.g., PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).

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